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Matrox Frame Grabbers

Matrox Imaging provides developers with the industry’s most comprehensive frame grabber family. Hardware ranges from boards designed for very cost-sensitive applications, to frame grabbers integrating flexible, high-rate acquisition and pre-processing capabilities.

Specifically designed to decrease development time and costs, Matrox Imaging technology is used by industry leaders in factory automation, process control, electronics and pharmaceutical packaging, semiconductor inspection, robotics, radiology, microscopy, and video surveillance.


About Matrox Imaging

Matrox Imaging, a leading developer of component-level solutions, is recognized for providing OEMs and integrators in the manufacturing, medical diagnostic and security industries with innovative yet cost-effective solutions.

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Matrox GevlQ

GEVlQ NIC frame grabber

Smart network interface cards for efficient high-bandwidth GigE Vision acquisition

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Matrox Rapixo CXP

CoaXPress 2.0


Matrox Rapixo CXP is a new generation of frame grabbers, supporting version 2.0 of the CoaXPress® (CXP) digital interface standard for machine vision applications. Now included data forwarding models

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Matrox Rapixo CL Pro

Camera Link 2.1interfaceRapixo_CXP_650

Matrox Rapixo CL Pro are multi-input high-performance Camera Link 2.1 frame grabbers with FPGA-based image processing offload.

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Matrox Radient

Camera Link and CoaXPress

Matrox Radient  is a family of cost-effective high performance frame grabbers supporting or Full and 80-bit mode at up to 85 MHz.

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Matrox Clarity UHD

Multi-format multi-input UHD video capture card with optional H.264 encoding

Capture from legacy to the latest video sources through support for standard definition (SD) analog to ultra-high definition (UHD) digital formats

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Matrox Concord

GigE Vision and IEEE 1394

matrox_concord frame grabber

Gigabit Ethernet network interface cards (NICs) and IEEE 1394b adaptors that are pre-licensed for use with the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) drivers for the GigE Vision® and IEEE 1394 IIDC protocols. Note:Legacy Product.Not for New Designs. Partially Retired.

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Matrox Concord PoE

Multi-port Gigabit Ethernet adaptors with PoE for GigE Vision®


Available with two or four Gigabit Ethernet ports, these network interface cards (NICs) simplify system configuration, not only by handling command and streaming protocols but also providing power over a single standard Cat 5e/6 cable per camera connection. An isolated PoE implementation protects cameras, board, and host computer from damage due to electrical faults and stray current that adversely affects camera detection.

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Matrox Solios

Camera Link

matrox solios_ea_xa frame grabber

Cost-effective frame grabbers for analog, Camera Link® and GigE Vision® image acquisition based on high-performance PCIe® / PCI-X® interfaces. An optional, customizable FPGA-based processing core is available to off-load image processing tasks. Note:Legacy Product.Not for New Designs. E.O.L.

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Matrox Morphis

Standard Analog

Cost-effective video capture boards whose dual- or quad-decoder architecture supports simultaneous acquisition. Some variants offer JPEG2000 compression/decompression capabilities. Note:Legacy Product.Not for New Designs. E.O.L.

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