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Advanced Illumination Lighting

Advanced illumination is a lighting solutions company, primarily serving the Machine Vision industry.

Founded in 1993, Ai legitimized the use of LEDs for the machine vision industry in the early 1990s by developing the first truly capable and efficient, commercially available LED illuminators and electronic supporting devices.  Our commitment to advancing LEDs in the machine vision industry continues today, with our LL137 line light, which rivals the intensity of a halogen light source with fiber optic line light.

Ai Logo 2005

Among Ai’s other technological accomplishments:

  • First to develop white light illuminators utilizing registered Red-Green-Blue LED illumination.
  • First to develop structured LED illumination (utilizing patented Evenlite technology).
  • The first electronic strobe controller with the ability to “overdrive” LEDs.
  • First to develop independently controllable multi-channel electronics, as well as the first intelligent auto-configuring control electronics (Signatech).

 All the colors listed in the tables below are available while the model names are linked to White lighting unless the product comes in other color(s) only.  Please see data sheet for the color specification or contact Uniforce Sales.

Advanced Illumination Lighting



Surface Mount design provides extremely consistent light over the entire active area of illumination

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Bar Lights

LL174_Series AI bar light pic 

High intensity lighting in a small package, for illumination of long distance or large inspection areas

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Coaxial Lights


Almost all models utilize heat sinking to cool the illumination source, providing low maintenance & long life

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Diffuse Lights


Compact, lightweight, and rugged construction – lighting available in Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, IR, White

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Line Lights


Ideal for use with line-scan cameras, available in a range of lenses, for varying working distances & line widths

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Ring Lights – Dark Field


Available in Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, IR, White lighting

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Ring Lights -Bright Field


Lightweight, compact design, IP67 compliant a variety of options available

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Spot Lights


Ideal for microscope or microscopic applications, 3D construction, and mapping, and more

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ICS 3 Inline Controller Ai Advanced Illumination Lighting

Compact Controllers available in different models

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