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Opto Engineering Telecentric Lighting

High Performance Telecentric Illuminators

Opto Engineering THE TELECENTRIC COMPANY has evolved through the years, releasing hundreds of new, diverse products and developing multiple areas of expertise. Today we can say that we specialize in OPTICAL IMAGING TECHNOLOGIES.
Our focus is to build and provide every single component needed to solve imaging applications: starting from the optical know-how and going through competence in lighting we can supply the best combination of tools available on the machine vision market.
For all these reasons Opto Engineering has become the partner of choice in high-end optical applications for many of the major machine vision companies worldwide.  Opto Engineering, OPTICAL IMAGING TECHNOLOGIES.


Opto Engineering Telecentric Lighting


High performance telecentric illuminators


Opto_LTCLHP_Illuminator Pic


LTCLHP telecentric illuminators offer higher edge contrast when compared to diffused back light illuminators and therefore higher measurement accuracy

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Ultra Compact telecentric illuminators

ultra compact telecentric illuminator opto engineering picture

LTCLHP Core illuminators The smaller system means it can be used both with classic telecentric lenses and with ultra compact telecentric lenses.

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LTCL4K Series

Flat telecentric illuminators for 4k linescan cameras


LTCL4K telecentric illuminators are specifically designed to be paired with TC4K telecentric lenses; ideal for high-speed linescan measurement applications.

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Uniforce Sales and Engineering is an authorized distributor of Opto Engineering products.

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