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MidOpt Filters

Bandpass Filters


MidOpt Bandpass Filters are the simplest, quickest and most cost-effective way to improve the image contrast, repeatability, and long term stability of any industrial vision system.


A bandpass filter transmits a specific portion of the spectrum while blocking shorter and longer wavelengths. Increasing signal-to-noise results in improved contrast and better control over changes that may occur over time in ambient lighting conditions. In the case of bandpass filters, “broad” and “rugged” are necessary in most machine vision applications. This allows for use with wide angle lenses and for variations in the spectral output of LEDs and laser diodes, while providing environmental stability and mechanical durability.

MidOpt Bandpass Filters are divided into Three Series:

  • BP Series   –  Broad Bandwidth.For standard machine vision and surveillance applications
  • BN Series –   Narrow Bandwidth.  For outdoor applications or situations involving overwhelming ambient light
  • Bi Series –     Narrow Interference Bandwidth. For laser diode or other narrow spectrum light source applications


BP Series – Broad Bandwidth


Color Part # Bandpass Description Wavelength Range FWHM
BP250 Deep-to-Near UV 230-275nm 70nm
BP324 Near UV 290-365nm 105nm
BP340 Near UV 315-365nm 80nm
BP365 Near UV 335-400nm 80nm
BP450  Indigo 450-470nm 60nm
BP470 Blue 435-495nm 85nm
BP485 Absorptive Visible /Near-IR Block 380-585nm 285nm
BP500 Green- Blue 440-555nm 248nm
BP505 Cyan 485-550nm 90nm
BP525 Light Green 500-555nm 80nm
PE530 Photopic Response Filter 495-550nm 120nm
 BP540  Limited Availability 515-5 60nm 65nm
BP550 NIR/UV Block-Visible 410-690nm 300nm
BP590 Orange 560-600nm 70nm
BP635 Light Red 610-650nm 65nm
BP660 Dark Red 640-680nm 65nm
BP695 Near-IR 680-720nm 65nm
BP735 Near-IR 715-780nm 90nm
BP800 Near-IR 745-950nm 315nm
BP810 Limited Availability 790-830nm 65nm
BP845 Near-IR 830-865nm 60nm
BP850 Near-IR 820-910nm 160nm
BP880 Near-IR 845-930nm 130nm 
BP1000 SWIR 930-1030nm 150nm
BP1550 New SWIR 1485-1645nm 190nm

BN Series – Narrow Bandwidth


Color Part # Bandpass Description Wavelength Range FWHM
BN450 Narrow Indigo 435-465nm  45nm
BN470 Narrow Blue 460-490nm 50nm
BN485 Limited Availability 480-490nm  35nm
BN490 Limited Availability 475nm-500nm 40nm
BN520 Narrow Green 510-545nm 55nm
BN532 Narrow Green 525-550nm 55nm
BN535 Narrow Green 520-545 nm 40nm
BN595 Narrow Orange 580-610nm 45nm
BN630 Narrow Light Red 625-645nm 45nm
BN650 Narrow Red 638-672nm 50nm
BN660 Narrow Dark Red 645-675nm 45nm
BN740 Narrow Near-IR 730-755nm 50nm
BN785 Narrow Near-IR 770-790nm 45nm
BN810 Narrow Near-IR 798-820nm 50nm
BN850 Narrow Near-IR 840-865nm 45nm
BN880 Narrow Near-IR 855-890nm 45nm
BN940 Narrow Near-IR 920-955nm 55nm

Bi Series – Narrow Interference Bandwidth


Color Part # Bandpass Description Wavelength Range FWHM
Bi350 New Near UV 344-358nm 20nm
Bi385 New Near UV 370-390nm 25nm
Bi405  Violet Interference 390-410nm 35nm
Bi440 Limited Availability 425-455nm 32nm
Bi450 New Blue 445-465nm 35nm
Bi518 Limited Availability 510-525nm 20nm
Bi525  New Light Green 518-538nm 28nm
Bi550  Green 535-558nm 33nm
Bi615 New Amber 605-620nm 23nm
Bi632  Light Red 625-640nm 28nm
Bi650  Red 643-665nm 30nm
Bi660  Dark Red 650-665nm 28nm
Bi685 New Dark Red 650-665nm 30nm
Bi725 New Red Edge Bandpass Filter 717-7325nm 25nm
Bi750 New Near-IR Interference 740-765nm 30nm
Bi780 Limited Availability 765-795nm  35nm
Bi808  Near-IR 798-820nm 35nm
Bi830 Limited Availability 810-850nm 50nm
Bi832 New Near-IR Interference 822-846nm 40nm
Bi850 Near-IR Interference Bandpass Filter 845-860nm 33nm
Bi880 Limited Availability 870-890nm 30nm
Bi905 New Near-IR Interference 895-915nm 30nm
Bi940 New Near-IR Interference 930-952nm 32nm
Bi1300 New SWIR 1290-1310nm 35nm
Bi1450 New SWIR 1440-1460nm 35nm
Bi1550 New SWIR 1540-1560nm 35nm



  • Available in UV, VIS and NIR passbands
  • Achieve optimal contrast
  • Improve system control, repeatability and stability
  • Block interfering wavelengths, eliminating the need for shrouds
  • Increase resolution by reducing chromatic aberration
  • Anti-reflection coated for maximum transmission
  • Hard coated, single substrate fabrication
  • Exceptional surface quality; 40/20 scratch/dig

*With the exception of BP365 > 85%

General Availability

  • For UV, Visible and/or Near-IR wavelengths
  • Standard threaded mount sizes from M22.5 up to M105
  • Mounting Options: Mounts for standard filter threads, C/CS mounts, Slip mounts, Unmounted
  • Custom shapes and sizes; mounted or unmounted versions available

Ultraviolet (UV)

  • UV Pass filters transmit selected UV wavelength ranges. Typically these filters must pass UV light while blocking visible and near-IR wavelengths. They can be placed over lenses and are sometimes placed over UV light sources to trim/block output of visible light.
  • UV Blocking filters typically transmit visible light while blocking UV light over a specified range. One example where these are used is in UV fluorescence applications.


  • Block all unwanted visible, UV and near-IR wavelengths except for a specific portion of the visible spectrum. Typically these are matched to the wavelength output of an LED light, laser diode or visible fluorescence emitted by an inspection subject following excitation with UV light. In these cases the subject typically appears white or lighter in color when the filter is used together with a monochrome camera.
  • Improve resolution by reducing the wavelength range of light allowed to pass through the camera lens, thus eliminating chromatic aberrations.

Near-Infrared (Near-IR)

  • Near-IR Pass filters block all UV and visible wavelengths so that maximum contrast can be achieved while using near-IR illumination provided by the sun or artificial light sources. Often they are matched to the output wavelength of an LED or laser diode. In the presence of normal room light or daylight conditions, the desired contrasting effect is often completely lost without the use of a near-IR pass filter.
  • Near-IR blocking filters block all or selected near infrared (and sometimes red) wavelengths of light. This is particularly important in color imaging applications in order for a color camera to be able to produce good color rendition. When used together with a monochrome camera, these filters can also help to alleviate problems caused by overly bright lighting conditions.
  • Improve resolution in the IR

Useful for

Industrial inspection, security, traffic control, medical and forensic applications



Bandpass Filters are used in a variety of industries, including machine vision,factory automation, security and surveillance, license plate recognition, medical and life science, agricultural inspection, aerial imaging, motion analysis, photography and cinematography.

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