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Block Unwanted Light




MidOpt filters have the unique ability to control the quality and quantity of light, block all unwanted ambient light, pass only the output of light necessary for inspection and significantly increase contrast and resolution. This results in improved system accuracy, long-term repeatability and unmatched stability. Using affordable MidOpt optical filters also eliminates the need for costly shrouds, saving space and money.


Applications Solutions

Block Unwanted Light

bp635_before_block_unwanted_light bp635_after_block_unwanted_light
Before: Ambient light interferes with detection of a 2D matrix code on a reflective metallic part illuminated with a red 625nm LED light. After: Using a BP635 Light Red Bandpass filter over the lens together with red LED illumination, the filter removes reflected ambient light and lightens the appearance of the 2D code to improve overall image quality.


Block Unwanted Light & Reduce Glare

bp660_before_block_unwanted_light bp660_after_block-unwanted-light
Before: Lack of contrast between the cookie dough and chocolate chips, in addition to cellophane packaging glare caused by ambient light, challenges the accurate counting of chocolate chips in cookies. After: A BP660 Dark Red Bandpass Filter mounted on the lens lightens reflections and blocks interfering ambient light, resulting in improved contrast.

Block Unwanted Light

midopt-bp635-before-screws midopt-bp635-after-screws
Before: The presence or absence of green thread sealant is difficult to detect on bolt threads. The parts are illuminated with 625nm red LED lighting. After: In a monochrome application, a BP635 Light Red Bandpass Filter placed over the camera lens used in conjunction with red LED illumination results in areas with green sealant appearing almost black in color.



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