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Schneider Bandpass Filters

Schneider_BP Filter

Bandpass filters transmit light of a defined wavelength range, while blocking all others. The thickness of the band filters are kept to a minimum. Multiple thin layer coatings achieve the designed wavelength range at a high optical quality. The effective thickness of the thin layers and therefore the spectral characteristics of the filters depend on the angle of incidence. Bandpass filters are available in the range from 465 nm to 865 nm and Full-Width Half-Maximum from 50 nm to more than 100 nm, in sizes 10 mm to 74 mm diameter or mounted in M25.5 to M67. Schneider Kreuznach bandpass filters are RoHS conform.

Bandpass Filters

Bandpass Filter Specifications PDF

Part Number Description Datasheet
BP-465-70 Transmits light of 465 nm +/- 35 nm only PDF
BP-490-180 Transmits light of 490 nm +/- 90 nm only PDF
BP-540-80 Transmits light of 540 nm +/- 40 nm only PDF
BP-575-170 Transmits light of 575 nm +/- 85 nm only PDF
BP-590-50 Transmits light of 590 nm +/- 25 nm only PDF
BP-590-200 Transmits light of 590 nm +/- 100 nm only PDF
BP-635-50 Transmits light of 635 nm +/- 25 nm only PDF
BP-640-100 Transmits light of 640 nm +/- 50 nm only PDF
BP-660-60 Transmits light of 660 nm +/- 30 nm only PDF
BP-680-100 Transmits light of 680 nm +/- 50 nm only PDF
BP-865-100 Designed for NIR LED applications.  Transmits light of 865 nm +/- 50 nm only. PDF

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