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Schneider Color Filters

Blue and Green filters, transmits wavelength in a corresponding color as seen by the human eye, while yellow, orange and red are long pass filters. IR pass filters are long pass filters, transmitting only IR light.

Color filters are absorptive filter that are used to increase contrast of a monochrome image, by isolating spectral regions and lighting colors. IR filters are absorptive filters, too. They are used in front of a NIR sensor or an image sensor for NIR imaging where IR spectrum only is needed. The type of the filter is thereby depending on two main factors: color of the object and illumination.

Color Filters

Color Filters Specifications PDF

Filter Type Part Number Filter Series Datasheet
Light Red LP 600 (090) Longpass PDF
Red LP 625 (091) Longpass
Red LP 695 (092) Longpass
IR Pass LP 775 (098) Longpass
IR Pass LP 825 (093) Longpass

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