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Schneider Shortpass Filters

Schneider_SP Filter

Schneider Kreuznach shortpass filters are designed with sharp cut-off wavelength from 615nm to 850nm. A broadband anti reflection coating avoids troublesome light. Shortpass Filters are ideal for fluorescence and wavelength sorting applications. All filters are available mounted (M25.5 to M67) and unmounted in 10.0mm to 74.0mm size. Custom size available upon request.

Shortpass filters can be used as IR-cut filter, or UV pass filter. They are adapted to Si- detector, common used for machine vision applications Where the range of standard bandpass filters does not fit, combining a shortpass with a longpass filter is an easy way to create an effective, custom bandpass filter. Shortpass filters are available unmounted in sizes from 10 mm to 74 mm diameter and mounted with common thread sizes M 25.5 to M 67. Shortpass filters are AR coated

Shortpass Filters

Shortpass Filter Specifications PDF

Part Number Description Datasheet
SP 460 HT Shortpass<460 nm PDF
SP 515 HT Shortpass<515 nm
SP 615 HT Shortpass<615 nm
SP 730 HT Shortpass<730 nm
SP 760 HT Shortpass<760 nm
SP 790 HT Shortpass<790 nm
SP 850 HT Shortpass<850 nm
SP 700 HT ((489) IR Cut<750 nm

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