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Image Processing Software

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Uniforce offers high resolution imaging solutions with a selection of software products.

Design Assistant X

Matrox DA Datasheet

Matrox offers developers

an easy-to-learn


flowchart-based integrated

development environment

(IDE) for creating vision

applications with our

Matrox Design Assistant


Matrox Imaging Library (MIL X)

Matrox MIL X Datasheet

Collection of software

tools for developing image

analysis, machine vision,

medical imaging and more




DVR Express® Core Software



Real-time synchronized data recording

to hard disk

 Record multiple devices with

synchronized playback

 Support for all camera types and frame grabbers

 GPS and IRIG receivers, altimeters, IMU/INS, and DAQ devices

 Compressed or Uncompressed recording options

 Export to AVI, JPEG, RAW, and many more

 Networking support for multiple workstations

 Full scripting, custom filters, and optional SDK available

2nd Look

2ndlook_thmb logo

2nd Look2ndLook is the simplest way to

record and review video captured from

PC-connected cameras

 Real-time synchronized video recording from PC-connected cameras

 Supports GenICam-compliant USB3 Vision , GigE Vision cameras and DirectShow

 Easy to use interface with interactive help and user guide

 Record directly to popular file formats (AVI, TIFF etc.)

 Supports concurrent recording formats (e.g. Quicktime + TIFF)



 Ready-to-run image analysis

application is a scientific and

engineering package providing

hundreds of qualitative and quantitative

imaging operations

 XCLIB Library

 This library empowers C/C++ and

Windows programmers to control the

PIXCI® series of imaging boards.

XCLIB provides high level services,

allowing programmers to concentrate on

the imaging application, rather than

focusing on board level programming.

PXIPL™ Library 

This library impowers C/C++ and

Windows programmers to process and

analyze images in conjunction with

XCLIB. PXIPL provides a wide selection

of imaging routines.



360 LIB Suite

360 LIB Suite is a C++ based computer

vision software designed to optimize the

optical performances of 360° optics

setup, as the ones typically used for

single camera, lateral inspection



Our eCapture Pro application development software, eCapture viewer software, eSDK (Software Development Kit) for seamless integration of Emergent cameras into your system.

eCapture Pro
  • Full featured Application Software
  • Recording/Processing
  • Simplified Graphical Integration
  • Customizable
  • Multi-camera/Multi-Server
  • GPU Support
  • Highest Performance
  • WIndows and Lunux
  • Free eCapture Pro
  • Limited License
  • WIndows and LUnux
  • Free Software Developers
  • Source Code Examples
  • GPU Support
  • Highest Performance
  • WIndows and LUnux

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