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Opto Engineering TC12K Series Lenses

Telecentric Lenses for 12k and 16kpx Line Scan Cameras
tc12k Telecentric Opto Lens pic

TC12K series  are designed to fit very large line detector cameras. An image circle diameter larger than 62 mm combined with the very high resolution featured by this lens family makes TC12K Series the solution of choice for 12 and 16k pixel cameras.

Flat panel display, solar cell and electronic board inspection are among the most common applications of these optics in the electronics industry; at the same time the optical specifications make them perfectly suitable for large mechanical parts accurate measurement.

In addition to the standard M72x0.75 mount, TC12K lenses can be easily equipped with any camera mount at no additional cost ensuring wide compatibility with most common line scan cameras.


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Title Click to Download PDF
2021 Opto Engineering Product Catalog PDF
Telecentric Lens Tutorial : Basic Information and Principles PDF
Telecentric Lens Application PDF
Telecentric Sensor Chart PDF
TC12K Parts List PDF

Tech Info


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Mechanical specifications
Mount Length (mm) Diam.(mm) PDF
TC12K064 M72 x 0.75 – FD 6.56 566.7 100 PDF
TC12K080 M72 x 0.75 – FD 6.56 541.9 116 PDF
TC12K120 M72 x 0.75 – FD 6.56 722.1 180 PDF
TC12K144 M72 x 0.75 – FD 6.56 743.3 200 PDF
TC12K192 M72 x 0.75 – FD 6.56 857.5 260 PDF
TC12K240 M72 x 0.75 – FD 6.56 1072.8 322 PDF
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