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Opto Engineering TCUV Series Lenses

 TCUV Telecentric Lenses

TCUV Series Opto Engin Lens

TCUV series bi-telecentric lenses are specifically designed to ensure the highest image resolution today available in the machine vision world.

No other lenses in the market can efficiently operate with pixels as small as 2 microns. For this reason TCUV bi-telecentric lenses are a MUST for all those using high resolution cameras and seeking for the highest system accuracy.

Common lenses and traditional telecentric lenses operate in the visible light (VIS) range. The maximum resolution of a lens is given by the cut-off frequency, that is the spatial frequency at which the lens is no longer able to yield sufficient image contrast.

Since the cut-off frequency is inversely proportional to the light wavelength, common optics are useless with very small pixel sizes (such as 1.75 microns) which are becoming increasingly popular among industrial cameras.


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Title Click to Download PDF
2021 Opto Engineering Product Brochure PDF
Telecentric Lens Tutorial : Basic Information and Principles PDF
Telecentric Lens Applications PDF
Telecentric Sensor Chart PDF
TCUV Part List PDF

Tech Info

Limit performanceThe graph shows the limit performances (diffraction limit) of two lenses operating at working F/# 8.The standard lens operates at 587 nm (green light) while the UV lens operates at 365 nm.

CTF and MTFThe CTF function, which expresses the contrast ratio at a given spatial frequency is much higher with TCUV lenses.The vertical bars show the cut-off frequencies of each lens: TCUV lenses still yield some contrast up to 340 lp/ mm!

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Mechanical specifications
Mount Length (mm) Diam. (mm) PDF
TCUV12036 C 142.3 61.0 PDF
TCUV12048 C 176.1 75.0 PDF
TCUV12056 C 198.4 80.0 PDF
TCUV12064 C 219.7 100.0 PDF
TCUV12080 C 264.3 116.0 PDF
TCUV23036 C 160.4 61.0 PDF
TCUV23048 C 160.4 75.0 PDF
TCUV23056 C 160.4 80.0 PDF
TCUV23064 C 160.4 100.0 PDF
TCUV23080 C 160.4 116.0 PDF
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