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Teledyne Dalsa Linea HS


Leading High Performance  CMOS TDI Camera

The all new Linea HS™ delivers line rates up to 300 kHz at 16k resolution–over 5 Gpixels/sec via CLHS interface. 

Building on Teledyne DALSA’s heritage in CCD TDI, the new CMOS TDI technology in our Linea HS is the most advanced in the marketplace. With up to 128 TDI stages (plus an extra 64 in HDR mode) for unmatched sensitivity and incredibly low noise, Linea HS excels in the highest speed, lowest light applications.


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Linea  HS Features

The Linea HS cameras deliver the highest performance available, with unique features that significantly improve detectability for many demanding applications.  

    • HDR Imaging
    • Sychronized IO to control external lighting from the camera
    • Multifield synchronization for simultaneous brightfield/darkfield imaging–up to four spectrally independent views in a single pass
    • Fiber optic cables up to 100 m 
    • High MTF pixel design 
    • Super resolution mode

Linea Applications

  • Printed Circuit Board Inspection
  • Digital Pathology
  • Flat Panel Inspection
  • Gene Sequencing
  • PCB Inspection

Watch Linea Line Scan Camera


linea_hs-multifiedl slide


linea_hs-Dual Channel HDR

Linea HS 16k Multifield Datasheet PDF
Linea HS 32k 150 kHZ Datasheet PDF
Linea HS 32k 400 kHz Datasheet PDF
Linea HS 4k,8k, 13k, and 16k Mono Datasheet PDF


Family Specifications

Camera Type TDI Line Scan
Sensor Technology CMOS
Supported Interfaces Camera Link HS
Spectrum Capability Visible (400-700 nm), Near Infrared (700-1000 nm)


Linea HS  Camera Models


Model Name Max Line Rate  Part Number Datasheet Camera Type Resolution Interface Mono/Color
Linea HS 16K Multi Array 133 kHz  HL-HF-16k13T-00-R



Line Scan 16384 x 256 Camera Link HS Multifield
Line HSs 32k 150 kHz HL-HM-32K15S-00-R



Line Scan 32768 x 64 Camera Lina HS Mono
Linea HS 32K 400 kHZ HL-HM-32k40S-00-R PDF Line Scan 32,768 x 64  Camera Link HS CX4 Mono
Linea HS 8k 300kHz HL-HM-08k30H-00-R PDF Line Scan 8192x x192 Camera Link H Mono, NIR
Linea HS 8k CLHS 400 kHz 400 kHz HL-HM-08K40H-00-R Line Scan 8192 x 192 Camera Link HS, Fiber Optic Mono
Linea HS 16k SFP+ 143 kHz HL-FM-16K15A-00-R Line Scan 16384 x 128 Camera Link HS, Fiber Optic Mono, NIR
Linea HS 16K  300 kHz HL-HM-16K30H-00-R Line Scan 16381 x 192 Camera Link HS  Mono, NIR
Linea HS 16K 400kHz 400 kHz HL-HM-16K40H Line Scan 16384 x 192 Camera Link HS Mono


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