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Teledyne Dalsa LT Series USB3 Cameras


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With robust compact enclosures and fully-locking USB3 connectors, the Teledyne Lumenera Lt Series USB3 Cameras are built for rugged 24/7 use. Manufactured using the latest rolling shutter Starvis™ CMOS sensors and global shutter Pregius™ CMOS sensors from Sony®, and ranging in resolution from 2-12 megapixels, these cameras perform in a wide variety of imaging applications such as aerial imaging, Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS), robotic inspection solutions, and life sciences.

Teledyne Lumenera’s Lt Series Cameras offer a more compact and lower cost imaging solution and are designed specifically to meet the challenges of today’s modern imaging systems that strive to provide advanced vision performance while using less power, less space, and fitting increasingly tight industry budgets.


  • Global shutter and rolling shutter CMOS sensors available
  • High sensitivity with both front and back illuminated sensors (BSI)
  • Side mounted USB connectors for easy of use in OEM solutions
  • High sensitivity with pixel sizes from 2 µm to 3.45 µm
  • High dynamic range, high speed, low read noise
  • Clarity provides smear-free images even when strong light sources are present
  • USB3 Vision compliant
  • Windows operating system and Linux SDKs (for embedded vision systems)
  • 3-Year Warranty


Lt Camera Series Family Specification

Standard Model With P- Iris
Datas Output Transfer                                    USB3.1 ( 5 Gbit/s
Exposure Control                                    Manual and Automatic
Image Buffers                                   128 MB
Lens Mount Cs and C Mounts C Mount Only
I/Q Ports Locking Connector, includes trigger in, strobe out, and auxillary power input
Size ( LxHxW) 36.1 x 45 x 45 mm 61 x 44x 44 mm
Mass 88g 140 g
Operating Temp.                                   0 to 50C
Power Supply 2.3 W to  3.6W -4W
Data Connector USB3 3.1 interface, USb3 Vision v1.0 compliant
Power and I/O Connector JST # SM09B-NSHss-TB (matingpart:JST# NSHR-09V-S Hirose-8make connector.P-iris 3 pin connector
Software Teledyne Sapera LT 8.6 for Windows, Lumenera Camera Software Dev. Kit (Linux) or 3rd Party GeniCam compliant SDK


LT Series Datasheet _PDF


See below for a complete list of Teledyne Lumenera’s Lt Series Cameras:

Models Resolution Frame Rate Sensor
Lt-C1610 / Lt-M1610 1.7 MP 96 fps IMX432 color/mono
Lt-C1630 / Lt-M1630 2.0 MP 86 fps IMX430 color/mono
Lt-C1900 2.1 MP 60 fps IMX327 color
Lt-C1950 / Lt-M1950 2.3 MP 162 fps IMX265 color/mono
Lt-C2020 / Lt-M2020 3.2 MP 55 fps IMX265 color/mono
Lt-C2420 / Lt-M2420 5.1 MP 35 fps IMX264 color/mono
Lt-C3200 / Lt-M3200 7.1 MP 50 fps IMX334 color/mono
Lt-C3840 / Lt-M3840 8.3 MP 44 fps IMX334 color/mono
Lt-C4030 / Lt-M4030 8.9 MP 31 fps IMX267 color/mono
Lt-C4020 / Lt-M4020 12 MP 22 fps IMX304 color/mono
Lt-C4430 / Lt-M4430 19.7 MP 28 fps IMX367 color/mono
Lt-5470 / Lt-N5470 16.9 MP 32 fps IMX267 color/mono
Lt-C5500 / Lt-M5500 20 MP 19.6 fps IMX183 color/mono
Lt-C6480 / Lt-M6480 31 MP 17 fps IMX342 color/mono

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