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Synchronizing two boards

BitFlow has multi camera solutions for all of our products, but this isn’t always going to help the customer with their application.   In a case where there is are three full CL cameras, or more than one quad CXP cameras, a new cable is needed.  Solving the issue of simultaneous triggers is not a new problem for us, but it’s definitely a recurring one.  To assist with these corner cases, we created the CONN-CYTAX-SYNC cable.

This cables allows you to send a trigger from one frame grabber to another, having the original as the master and one of the slaves.  This way both “slave” grabbers receive the trigger at the exact same time.

In multi camera operations, where synchronicity is key, BitFlow again comes up with the solution.


This Cable works with the following frame grabbers:

  • Axion 1xE
  • Axion 2xE
  • Cyton-CXP2
  • Cyton-CXP4


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