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Matrox X264/1000* H.264 Encoder Card

Uniforce Product

Salient Features

Matrox X264/1000*

 X264/1000*  Matrox X.264 hardware codec encoder card.  Includes H.264 s/w decoder.  Does not include software effects.

Matrox X264* General Information

Matrox X.264 integrates a hardware HD/SD H.264 encoder. The H.264 encoder provides high-quality, realtime, baseline and main profile encoding at levels up to 4.1. It also supports data rates of up to 25Mbps, as well as CABAC and CAVLC entropy encoding. Matrox X.264 can be used as a standalone card or as co-processor for Matrox I/O cards and is ideal for IP streaming and H.264 based archiving.

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Key Features

  • Single-slot PCIe x1 card
  • On-board H.264 codec
  • Encodes HD, SD and custom resolutions
  • On-board up/down scaler

Industry-leading hardware

Matrox Video OEM hardware includes a comprehensive selection of high-density video and audio I/O cards that support analog, HDMI/DVI, digital SD/HD/3G SDI and 4K. This PC-based hardware is available in various form factors including low profile cards that can support up to eight reconfigurable SDI inputs and outputs per card.

Advanced hardware processing capabilities like multiple motion adaptive de-interlacer, up/down/cross converters, video compositors, audio mixers, frame synchronization and fail-safe capabilities let OEMs build a range of solutions that meet the requirements of diverse markets.

Matrox Video also offers hardware based multi-channel 4:2:2 10 bit H.264 encoder for up to 4K resolution with the pristine quality needed for broadcast distribution, contribution, and production applications.

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