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MidOpt Bi Series Filter Bi615

Uniforce Product

Salient Features

Bi Series Narrow Interference Bandwidth

    • 20-35nm FWHM; Narrow bandwidth
    • High transmission ≥85%
    • Designed for use with laser diodes
    • Ideal wavelength separation when multiple light sources of similar wavelengths are present
    • Reflective, mirror-type surface that helps minimize thermal effects
    • Available in sizes up to 79.5mm sq.


APPLICATIONS: Bi Series are popular for life science and laser analysis applications where only discrete wavelengths need to be passed to maximize system performance.


Bi615 Amber narrowband interference filters is often used in conjunction with 615nm LED and other similar illumination. It can also be used to image fluorescence emissions such as with some AlphaLISA immunoassays and some lanthanide elements in glass. One particularly popular fluorophore that emits at 615nm is Texas Red, which is commonly used in molecular biology techniques like quantitative RT-PCR and cellular assays. Bi615 can also find use in certain aerial and land-based surveying applications when monitoring plant health.

Bi615 trans graph MidOpt

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