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MidOpt Bi Series Filter Bi685

Uniforce Product

Salient Features

Bi Series Narrow Interference Bandwidth

    • 20-35nm FWHM; Narrow bandwidth
    • High transmission ≥85%
    • Designed for use with laser diodes
    • Ideal wavelength separation when multiple light sources of similar wavelengths are present
    • Reflective, mirror-type surface that helps minimize thermal effects
    • Available in sizes up to 79.5mm sq.


APPLICATIONS: Bi Series are popular for life science and laser analysis applications where only discrete wavelengths need to be passed to maximize system performance.

Bi685 is designed for use in certain aerial vegetative health monitoring applications. This filter isolates the 685nm wavelength range used in some red light vegetative health indices When plants are stressed or dying, photosynthesis slows down or stops. IR wavelengths are absorbed, while more visible light–particularly red light–is reflected.

Bi685 filters are also recommended for use with dark red laser diodes and LED lighting operating in the 680-690nm range, particularly in situations where ambient light can be overwhelming or separation from other red lighting wavelengths is needed.

BI685 lens graph

Bi685 graph


midopt_stabledge-filter-exMidOpt StablEDGE™ optical filters are specifically designed to be less  susceptible to effects from angular shifting seen when optical filters are placed in front of short focal length (<12 mm) camera lenses.
StablEDGE™ filters take advantage of absorptive filter glass to form the leading
edge of the filter passband.This assures no shifting in this region, even when the
lens FOV exceeds 100°.StablEDGE™ designs are  less angle-of-incidence sensitive, inherently more rugged, and are environmentally stable.


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