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MidOpt LP Series Filter LP1070

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Salient Features

LP1070 Short-Wave Infrared Longpass Filter


Often referred to as a “sharp-cut” filter, Longpass Filters are specifically designed to pass a broad spectrum of longer wavelength light while blocking shorter wavelengths.

  • Economical solution for isolating specific spectral regions
  • Peak transmission ≥90%
  • Anti-reflection coated for maximum transmission in VIS and NIR spectrums
  • Can be used with Shortpass Filters for a custom, fine-tuned Bandpass Filter
  • Double-side polished glass for exceptional parallelism and optical flatness
  • Exceptional surface quality; 40/20 scratch/dig
  • Available in wavelength ranges from 350nm to 1500nm

Longpass Filters are often used in fluorescence applications to block an excitation light source or to pass multiple emission wavelengths, improving signal to noise ratio. Longpass Filters are also commonly used in photography and astronomy.


LP1070 is a 0.7mm thick silicon Longpass filter with antireflection coatings on both sides optimized for 1100-2300nm transmission. Because silicon is inherently opaque, blocking in the visible and very near-IR spectrums is excellent, and the positioning of the cut-on slope is completely insensitive to the angle of incidence of light impinging on the surfaces. LP1070 also reduces Nd:YAG (1064nm) light transmission by approximately 50%. This filter is mainly intended for use with SWIR camera systems and blocks essentially all light that CCD/CMOS cameras might normally be sensitive to.

MidOpt LP1070 trans graphic




  • StablEDGE® design reduces angular dependency and minimizes short-shifting effects
  • Useful Range : 1100-2300nm
  • Cut-on Wavelength 50% T : 1070nm
  • Tolerance : +/-10nm
  • Peak Transmission : ≥90%
  • Surface Quality : 40/20




MidOpt StablEDGE™ optical filters are specifically designed to be less  susceptible to effects from angular shifting seen when optical filters are placed in front of short focal length (<12 mm) camera lenses.
StablEDGE™ filters take advantage of absorptive filter glass to form the leading
edge of the filter passband.This assures no shifting in this region, even when the
lens FOV exceeds 100°.StablEDGE™ designs are  less angle-of-incidence sensitive, inherently more rugged, and are environmentally stable.


LP1070 Transmission Chart PDF

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