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MidOpt Ni Series – VIS / SWIR Ni200

Uniforce Product

Salient Features

Ni Series – Broad Spectrum; VIS/NIR

  • Low reflectivity filter effective from 400-2000nm
  • Available in optical densities ranging from 0.3-2.0
  • Coated on low-expansion, heat-resistant Borofloat® glass

MOUNT & SIZE OPTIONS: In-stock, ready-to-ship Neutral Density Filters are available in Threaded Mounts, sizes M13.25 to M105; 25.4® C-Mount; Slip Mounts; or Unmounted. Custom shapes and sizes are available. NEUTRAL DENSITY FILTER APPLICATIONS: Applications include imaging in intense lighting situations (i.e. molten metal and welding), outdoor aerial imaging and photography. Neutral Density Filters help reduce shutter speed to create blur, preventing a “jello” effect in aerial imaging.


Ni200 trans graphic

Ni200 filter pass picNi200 Neutral density filters can be used to reduce the amount of light reaching the camera to about average 1% transmission, thus allowing longer exposure times that result in reduced depth of field. This improves the separation of subject matter from the foreground and/or background. These filters include identical male and female threads on either end so that they can be stacked with other ND filters to achieve various optical densities.

  • Useful Range : 400-2000nm
  • Optical Density : 2.0
  • Average Transmission: 1%
  • Tolerance : +/- 0.15
  • Surface Quality : 40/20



Ni200 transmission data pdf

Learn More About Exposure Control: Reducing Light Intensity


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