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MidOpt Polarizing Film SWIR PS1000

Uniforce Product

Salient Features

PS1000 VIS/SWIR Wire Grid Linear Polarizer


MidOpt PS1000 trans graphic

  • Useful Range : 400-2000nm
  • Contrast Ratio : Up to 8000:1
  • Thickness : 0.005″

Polarizing Film

  • Achieves optimal glare reduction when placed over light source
  • Contrast ratios average up to 10,000:1
  • Linear polarizers are available for VIS and NIR requirements
  • Left and right circular polarizers are available for VIS spectrum applications
  • Offered in high-temperature-resistant laminate and glass
  • PSA007 and HTA008 material comes standard with self-adhesive backing



Polarizing Filters and Films are available from stock and are ready to ship. Polarizing Filters are available in Threaded Mounts, sizes M22.5 to M105; Slip Mounts; or Unmounted. Polarizing Films are available in multiple thicknesses, and can be custom laser cut to fit any light source with a maximum usable width of 16.5″ and length up to 300′.



Polarizers are commonly used to reduce glare from non-metallic in objects with smooth surfaces or surfaces covered with grease, oil or liquid. For best results, use an optical-grade Polarizer over the lens and Polarizing Film over the light source. The PR120/PG120 offers ultra-high contrast and an anti-reflection oleophobic coating.

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