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MidOpt Polarizing Sheet HT008

Uniforce Product

Salient Features

 High Temperature Linear Polarizing Film .008″


MidOpt’s HT008 Linear Polarizing Film is resistant to high temperature illumination. It solves the temperature sensitivity issues that are common with standard polarizing films, which typically fail or curl when introduced to high heat for an extended period of time.



Temp Rating: 115°C x 240 hours

  • Useful Range : 400-700nm
  • Contrast Ratio : 10,000:1


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Available Mounts

Threaded Mount

  • Designed for lenses with filter threads, a variety of filter types and stock threaded sizes are available: M13.25-M105
  • Larger sizes, 62mm to 105mm, are made to order and are not returnable
  • Custom thread sizes are available upon request.
  • Threaded mounts are available as black anodized aluminum rings. Rotating mounts with locking thumb screws are generally provided.

Ordering Example:

  • Filter: BP470
  • Mount Size: M27

Correct Part# is:

  • BP470-27

Threaded Mount Technical Drawing PDF

Slip Mount

  • Designed for varifocal lenses, wide angle lenses and lenses without filter threads
  • Accommodates standard threaded mounts
  • Low profile and oversize diameter design prevents wide angle lens vignetting
  • Locking set screws and a wrench are provided to secure the adapter to the lens
  • Many varifocal and shorter fixed focal length (wide angle) lenses are not supplied with filter threads due to the presence of a protruding, strongly convex lens element. Our slip mount adapters allow standard threaded filters to be fitted securely to these and a large variety of lenses that do not have filter threads provided.

Ordering Example:

  • Filter: BP470
  • Outside Diameter of Lens in mm: 43mm

Correct Part# is:

  • BP470-S43

Slip Mount Technical Drawing PDF

C/CS Camera Mount


  • Designed to thread directly into any C/CS mount camera between the lens and sensor
  • Wrenching slots aid in threading the filter into the camera body. A wrench is supplied with each filter.
  • Helpful in applications with space constraints
  • Can be used with wide angle lenses that do not accept filters at the front end to prevent vignetting
  • C/CS mount filters are available in a standard 1mm thickness

Ordering Example:

  • Filter: BP470
  • Mount Size: 25.4

Correct Part# is:

  • BP470-25.4

C/CS Camera Mount Technical Drawing PDF

Unmounted & Custom Size


  • Any MidOpt filter type can be provided as an Unmounted filter
  • Custom shapes and sizes are typically fabricated with one day to two week lead times
  • Custom filter types with longer lead times can also be quoted. Please contact us regarding feasibility.

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