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MidOpt Polarzing Sheet PS010

Uniforce Product

Salient Features

High Contrast Linear Polarizer Film .010″ thk

PS010 High Contrast Linear Polarizer Film .010″ thk

  • Useful Range : 400-700nm
  • Contrast Ratio : 3000:1
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Available Mounts

Threaded Mount

  • Designed for lenses with filter threads, a variety of filter types and stock threaded sizes are available: M13.25-M105
  • Larger sizes, 62mm to 105mm, are made to order and are not returnable
  • Custom thread sizes are available upon request.
  • Threaded mounts are available as black anodized aluminum rings. Rotating mounts with locking thumb screws are generally provided.

Ordering Example:

  • Filter: BP470
  • Mount Size: M27

Correct Part# is:

  • BP470-27

Threaded Mount Technical Drawing PDF

Slip Mount

  • Designed for varifocal lenses, wide angle lenses and lenses without filter threads
  • Accommodates standard threaded mounts
  • Low profile and oversize diameter design prevents wide angle lens vignetting
  • Locking set screws and a wrench are provided to secure the adapter to the lens
  • Many varifocal and shorter fixed focal length (wide angle) lenses are not supplied with filter threads due to the presence of a protruding, strongly convex lens element. Our slip mount adapters allow standard threaded filters to be fitted securely to these and a large variety of lenses that do not have filter threads provided.

Ordering Example:

  • Filter: BP470
  • Outside Diameter of Lens in mm: 43mm

Correct Part# is:

  • BP470-S43

Slip Mount Technical Drawing PDF

C/CS Camera Mount


  • Designed to thread directly into any C/CS mount camera between the lens and sensor
  • Wrenching slots aid in threading the filter into the camera body. A wrench is supplied with each filter.
  • Helpful in applications with space constraints
  • Can be used with wide angle lenses that do not accept filters at the front end to prevent vignetting
  • C/CS mount filters are available in a standard 1mm thickness

Ordering Example: 

  • Filter: BP470
  • Mount Size: 25.4

Correct Part# is:

  • BP470-25.4

C/CS Camera Mount Technical Drawing PDF

 Unmounted  & Custom Size


  • Any MidOpt filter type can be provided as an Unmounted filter
  • Custom shapes and sizes are typically fabricated with one day to two week lead times
  • Custom filter types with longer lead times can also be quoted. Please contact us regarding feasibility.

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