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MidOpt SP Series – VIS Pass/ NIR Block Filter SP713

Uniforce Product

Salient Features

SP Series – Near-IR Block

  • Commonly placed over the camera’s image sensor to block NIR light and achieve natural color rendition
  • Used as a hot mirror to reduce unwanted heat build-up caused by IR radiation


MOUNT & SIZE OPTIONS: In-stock, ready-to-ship Shortpass Filters are available in Threaded Mounts, sizes M13.25 to M105; 25.4® C-Mount; Slip Mounts; or Unmounted. Custom shapes and sizes are also available.

Shortpass Filters are commonly used in color imaging to achieve natural color rendering. They can also be used to protect the sensor from NIR laser damage or to reduce IR radiation or “camera bloom” created during hot metal or glass extrusion processes.

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