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Schneider BP-490-180

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Salient Features

Bandpass Filter IFG BP 490-180

 Filter Type BP 490-180
 Transmittance Band 400 nm – 580 nm
 Peak Transmittance  > 80 %
 Blocking  < 1%
 Wavefront Tolerance  10 – 30 mm:13/1 (0.2)

31 – 50 mm:13/1 (0.25)

51 – 74 mm:13/1 (0.35)

 Surface  5/2 x 0.1
 Thickness  2.0 mm ± 0.2 mm

1 Specification according to ISO 10110

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Bandpass Filter IFG BP 490-180 RoHS

Bandpass filters transmit light of 490 nm +/- 90 nm, while blocking all others. With a spectral transmission range of 400nm to 580nm the new Schneider Kreuznach BP490-180 is the ideal alternative to the popular but as very soft known BG39 glass. Perfect for all application, where a durable and high quality surface is required, for example process control in factory automation and food and beverage sortingThe thickness of the bandpass filter is kept to a minimum. Multiple thin layer coatings achieve the designed wavelength range at a high optical quality. The effective thickness of the thin layers and therefore the spectral characteristics of the filters depend on the angle of incidence. Schneider Kreuznach bandpass filter IFG BP 490-180 is RoHS conform. Available unmounted in sizes from 10 mm to 74 mm and mounted with standard filter threads from M25.5 up to M67.

Key Features

  •  BG 39 color glass alternative
  • Peak transmittance > 80 %
  • Blocking < 1%
  • Wavelength Tolerance +/- 15 nm
  • Large clear aperture
  • High reproducibility
  • Mounted with common thread sizes and unmounted versions available
  • RoHS conform


  • Semiconductor Inspection
  • Laser Application
  • Food & Beverage Inspection
  • Scientific Research
  • Biotech
  • Biomedical



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