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Schneider Circular Glass Polarizers IF AUC

Uniforce Product

Salient Features

Filter type IF AUC
Transmittance > 50 %
Extinction Ratio >= 20 000:1
Wavelength range 420 nm – 780 nm
Glass thickness 2.7 mm+0 – 0.25 mm
Wave front distortion1 13/2 (0.4 – 0.6)
Surface1  5/2 × 0.16
Diameter 10 – 74 mm
Temperature Range -20°C – +50°C

1 Specification according to ISO 10110

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Circular Polarizer

Schneider Kreuznach polarizers are designed to fulfill industrial requirements. They are made of dichroic laminated polarizing polymers cemented between 2 slides of protective glass. A circular polarizer is a combination of a linear polarizer with a quarter wave retarder. Crossing left handed with right handed blocks nearly all light.

Circular polarizers are recommended if optics as mirrors are within the optical path from filter to sensor. IF AUC are mostly left handed, special right handed IF AUCR or left handed IF AUCL are available on request. Polarizers are sensitive to humidity, therefore we Schneider Kreuznach recommends our unmounted filters as edge sealed version.

Circular polarizers are available unmounted in sizes 10 mm to 74 mm diameter and mounted with common thread sizes M 25.5 to M 67. Next to a standard polarizer mount, we offer a special industrial mount with locking screw to fix the position of the polarizer.

Custom sizes on request.

Key Features

  • Left and right handed polarizer available
  • Extinction Ration >= 20000:1
  • Uncoated or with MRC AR coating available
  • Unmounted or mounted in standard DH mount or in industrial SN2 mount with locking screw
  • Sizes 10 mm to 74 mm diameter.
  • Mounted with common thread sizes M 25.5 to M 67 available
  • Edge sealed on request


  • QA
  • 3D
  • Traffic
  • Food & Beverage Inspection
  • Mechanical Stress Test
  • Factory Automation
  • Scientific Research


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