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Schneider Linear Glass Polarizers IF MIK

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Salient Features

Filter type IFG MIK
Transmittance > 50 %
Extinction Ratio > 4 0000:1
Wavelength range 420 nm – 750 nm
Glass thickness 4.3 mm
Surface1 5/2 × 0.16
Wave front distortion1 13/3 (0.4 – 0.6)
Parallelism 2 arc minute
Diameter 12.5 mm | 16mm
Temperature Range -20°C – +70°C
Substrate F6

1 Specification according to ISO 10110

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Linear Glass Polarizer

Schneider Kreuznach polarizers are designed to fulfill industrial requirements. They are made of dichroic laminated polarizing polymers cemented between 2 slides of protective glass. Unpolarized light passing a linear polarizing filter will be linear polarized afterwards in the orientation of the polarizing axes of the filter. Crossing the axis blocks nearly all light.

IFG MIK polarizers feature a high extinction ratio needed for microscopy and metrology applications.

Key Features

  • Extinction Ration 40.000:1
  • 12.5 mm and 16 mm diameter
  • F6 glass substrate


  • Microscopy
  • Metrology
  • Photometry
  • Scientific Research


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