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Matrox DA X Templates Matrox DA XMatrox Bottle InspectionMatrox AltiZ - 3D SensorMatrox AltiZ - 3D Cloud Point ViewMatrox MIL 10 SoftwareMatrox CoPilotMatrox SureDotMatrox MIL Classication ToolMatrox MIL Toolset for 3DMatrox MIL Profiling ToolsMatrox Advance Image AcquisingMatrox GeoMetric Model FinderMatrox FDK - Q &AMatrox 4Sight EV6 IntroductionMatrox Iris GTX CameraJai- Understanding Prism Based Line Scan Cameras Jai - HDR capabilities in high MP cameras Jai-3-sensor vs Bayer color camerasJAI Multi-Spectral Imaging IO Industries CamerasKOWA LensesOpto Engineering LensesMidOPt FiltersCEIKaya InstrumentsEmergent VisionAllied Vision Technology

Introduction to Matrox Design Assistant X  Templates

This webinar will teach you how to use the templates available within Matrox Design Assistant software to get your machine vision application up and running quickly. See how you can add inspections such as presence/absence detection, color analysis, dimensioning, or barcode reading directly into your production process with minimal set-up time using Matrox DA X templates.

Matrox Design Assistant X – Q & A

Meet Matrox Design Assistant X, the latest release of this established flowchart-based vision software.  Classification module utilizes deep learning technology to categorize images of highly textured, naturally varying, and acceptably deformed goods. The Registration module employs photometric stereo technology to create a composite image that emphasizes surface irregularities. New, dedicated shape-finding tools effectively locate circles, ellipses, rectangles, and line segments.
Matrox Design Assistant X also now interfaces with third-party 3D sensors for capturing and processing depth-map data. Specifically designed to be compatible with the Matrox 4Sight EV6 and Matrox 4Sight GPm vision controller, the Matrox Iris GTR smart camera, and PCs in general, this newest software version is also now capable of supporting multiple run-times, to allow for running multiple independent projects simultaneously on the same PC.

Matrox Bottle Inspection

See  fast Matrox Design Assistant X is in meeting bottling inspection requirements such as fill-level verification, cap inspection and seal inspection.

Matrox 3D Sensor

The Matrox AltiZ is a series of 3D profile sensors, all featuring the same dual-camera single-laser design and unique embedded algorithms for delivering exceptional reproduction fidelity. Watch how a Matrox AltiZ produces a surface scan of a mechanical part from within the Matrox Capture Works interactive setup and testing utility.


3D Sensing  for More Rounded Inspection _ Product Demo

Altiz 3D  Profile Sensor – Product Tour

Matrox 3D Sensor

Matrox AltiZ – 3D Cloud Point View

Matrox AltiZ 3D sensors feature a unique dual-camera single-laser design that eliminates gaps or voids in a scan. Watch it inspect a metal part.

Software: Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) 10


Matrox Imaging Library – MIL Robotic Guidance


Matrox Imaging Library – MIL Cookie Detection

MIL CoPilot

Matrox copilot enables users to select and fine-tune operations before including them in a particular vision application—without writing any code

Matrox SureDot

Matrox SureDotOCR is available in the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) and Matrox Design Assistant software.
It is a comprehensive solution for reading dot-matrix text

Matrox MIL X – Image Classication Tool Built on Deep Learning

MIL X leverages deep learning to perform image classification. The first is a coarse segmentation approach that maps image neighborhoods according to categories to identify and roughly locate the presence of specific features or defects. A second, global approach assigns images or image regions to pre-established classes. Image-oriented classification is particularly well-suited for analyzing images of highly textured, naturally varying, and acceptably deformed goods.

Matrox Intro to Design Assistant X Template

With an expansive collection of tools for conducting 3D capture, display, processing, and analysis including metrology and registration, MIL X works with 3D data in the form of point clouds, depth maps, and/or elementary objects. Ensuring ease-of-use, all MIL X tools can use 3D data produced by profile and snapshot sensors, stereo and time-of-flight (ToF) cameras, STL, and PLY files.

Matrox MIL 3D Profiling Tools

This video is a showcase of Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) capabilities for setting up a 3D profiling system using discrete components. It specifically shows the straightforward system calibration sequence achievable with MIL.

Matrox Vision Academy – Advance Image Acquising

Acquiring images is central to creating most machine vision applications. In this Matrox Vision Academy course, participants will discover and hone some advanced techniques to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of acquiring images, including how to use data latches, frame bursts, I/O command lists, and more.

Matrox Vision Academy – Using GeoMetric Model Finder

A peek into the latest online course on locating objects in images using our edge-based location tool, GMF. Free access for registered users!

Matrox FDK – Q & A

Join Mathieu Larouche, product manager at Matrox Imaging, for a Q&A on the new Matrox FDK, specifically outlining how it works with the Matrox Rapixo CXP Pro frame grabber, how users can develop new processing units, and why onboard processing is so useful.

Introduction to Matrox 4Sight EV6

The Matrox 4Sight EV6 vision controller is a powerful industrial imaging computer for managing multi-camera
inspections efficiently and with ease. Integrating a seventh-generation Intel® Core™ processor, the 4Sight EV6 possesses
the necessary computational power for demanding multi-camera—and even multi-line—inspections on the factory floor. Multiple ports support GigE Vision® and USB3 Vision® camera connections, while power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities simplifies cabling requirements in busy industrial spaces.

Join Fabio Perelli, product manager at Matrox Imaging, for a Q&A on the evolution of the 4Sight GPm to the 4Sight EV6, including software portability, upgraded processing power, and a dedicated hardware-assisted mechanism for timing of output events.

Matrox Iris GTX Product Tour

The Matrox Iris GTX smart camera is designed for system integrators, machine builders and OEMs of factory automation solutions. It can be programmed with the field-proven Matrox Imaging Library or set up using Matrox Design Assistant flowchart-based vision software.

Understanding Prism based Line Scan Cameras from Jai

High Speed, High Resolution Dynamic Range


3-Sensor vs Bayer color cameras

More and more machine vision applications require color imaging. This video describes some of the advantages offered by 3-CCD or 3-CMOS color cameras as compared to cameras with Bayer color filters.

JAI Multi-Spectral Imaging

High Performance Cameras: IO Industries


IO Industries 2KSDI

48 MP Camera Looking at a Donut

Industrial Lenses: Kowa


KOWA  JCM-V Series

KOWA Simple Guide to Camera Aperature


KOWA Guide to Focal Length

Telecentric Lenses: OptoEngineering


OptoEngineering Telecentric Lenses


OptoEngineering:  Bi Telecentric Tutorial


OptoEngineering:  Infrared Lenses

OptoEngineering: Telecentric Core Series

MidOpt Custom Slip Mounts


MidOpt Filters: For Machine Vision,


Extruded camera enclosure

Round camera enclosure


Features of Adjustable Enclosure Mounts

JetCam 19 High Speed Camera Full HD 2365fps

Multiple Cameras with Accurate Synchronization


10GigE Pace & 25 GigE Accel Line Scan Camera


25 GigE Bolt Camera

Machine Vision vs. Embedded Vision

The influence of temperature on image quality in NIR/SWIR cameras

Sensor module vs.camera module

Learn: Hyperspectral Imaging Technologies and Applications

Allied Vision Goldeye SWIR camera imaging through silicon

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