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Xenon-Emerald Schneider lenses

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Many camera manufacturers are using the F-mount bayonet or the V48-mount as the camera/ lens interface of their high resolution area and line scan cameras.

Schneider-Kreuznach has addressed these topics with high resolution  Xenon-Emerald lenses series for large format cameras with up to 29 MP sensors.

The low distortion lenses with an image circle diameter of 43.2 mm are compact, robust, lockable in distance, and aperture. They are designed for close up range (S) and long-range (L) and optimized for uniform image quality over the whole sensor area.

The 400 to 1,000nm broadband coating makes them suitable for applications in the visible and near-infrared spectrum. The variety of alternative mounts makes them even more flexible for a wide range of applications in machine vision, quality control, web inspection, and other image processing applications.



  • 43.2 mm image circle
  • for up to 29 MP sensors
  • Robust mechanics for rough industrial environment
  • Constant MTF over the entire image field
  • Focus and iris setting lockable



  • Web inspection
  • Quality control
  • Surface inspection
  • Line Scan applications
  • Machine vision


Xenon-Emerald Schneider Lens

Schneider Xenon-Emerald lenses are ideal for applications where an F-Mount lens is required but must have lockable iris and focus. The iris can be locked with a thumb screw and the focus is set by rotating the main barrel via an internal thread and locked with a locking collar.

The V-Mount versions can be adapted to other camera standards, including C-Mount, TFL Mount, M42 x 1.0, M42 x 0.75, or M58 x 0.75.
The “S” versions of the 28mm and 100mm lenses are for short working distances, while the “L” versions are optimized for long working distances.

Image circle: 43.2 mm Transmission: 400 – 1,000 nm
Initial aperture :

2.2 – 2.9


Order Using Part Number:

Focal Length

Datasheet Download

Interface: F

Xenon_Emerald 2.8/28 mm “S” 21-1071609 28 mm PDF 
Xenon_Emerald 2.8/28 mm “L” 21-1071606 28 mm PDF  
Xenon_Emerald 2.2/50 mm 21-1062672 50  mm PDF  
Xenon_Emerald 4.0/60 mm 21-1085115 60 mm PDF 
Xenon_Emerald 4.0/80 mm 21-1085723 80 mm PDF 
Xenon_Emerald 2.8/100 “S” 21-1064881 100 mm PDF 
Xenon_Emerald 2.8/100 “L” 21-1070506 100 mm PDF 

Interface: V48

Xenon_Emerald 2.8/28 mm “S” 21-1071611 28 mm PDF 
Xenon_Emerald 2.8/28 mm “L” 21-1071610 28 mm PDF 
Xenon_Emerald 2.2/50 mm 21-1070074 50 mm PDF 
Xenon_Emerald 4.0/60 mm 21-1086887 60 mm PDF 
Xenon_Emerald 4.0/80 mm 21-1086888 80 mm PDF 
Xenon_Emerald 2.8/100 mm “S” 21-1070119 100 mm PDF 
Xenon_Emerald 2.8/100 mm “L” 21-1073834 100 mm PDF 



Accessories For Fast Lens

Part Number


1072650 Adapter V48 /C Mount 8.5 mm
1072652 Adapter V48 /M42 x 0.75   8.5 mm
1072661  V48 – Ext. tube 10 mm
1072662 V48 – Ext. tube 50 mm
1072660 Adapter V48 / M42 x 1 8.5 mm
1072659  Adapter V48 / M58 x 0.75  10 mm
1072651  V48 – Ext. tube 25 mm
1098492 Adapter V48 / TFL  mount


Xenon-Emerald Schneider Lens

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