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Z-Trak 3D LP1- 1K Series

Published: January 12, 2021

Teledyne DALSA Z-Trak 3D Sensor

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Z-Trak is a series of 3D profile sensors delivering high-resolution, real-time height measurements using laser triangulation. These lightweight IP67 rated profile sensors are ideal for in-line measurement, inspection, identification and guidance applications in automotive, electronics, semiconductor and factory automation.

Z-Trak series delivers reliable and repeatable results in varying operating conditions. Z-Trak models handle object widths from 8.5 mm to 1520 mm and height range of 10 mm to 1000 mm. All Z-Trak models are factory calibrated and come with a choice of laser options to suit the surface reflectance.


Powerful. Versatile. Easy to Integrate.

Family Specifications1

Supported Interfaces Gigabit Ethernet
Conformity FCC Class B, CE, ROHS, China RoHS, ICE, FDA
Power Requirement +12V to 36VDC +/-10% with surge protection

  • Open Platform Software Development Tools
  • Multi-Sensor Configuration
  • Factory calibrated ready to deploy
  • Wide model selection covers measurement range from 10mm to 1100 mm
  • Robust RIR-Peak detector algorithm delivers high accuracy and stable operations
  • Red or Blue laser with laster safety class 2M and 3R for wide operating conditions
  • Compact IP67 housing for harsh enviroments
  • Free Lice3nse for Sapera LT SDK Sapera Processing RTL and Sherlock 8
  • 3RD Party Software Support via 16-bit mono and GeniCam Standard

z-trak-3d-Sensor diagram-

There are a number of techniques available for 3D imaging.┬áThe Z-Trak series of 3D laser profilers uses a laser triangulation technique to deliver high resolution height measurements. Z-Trak emits a laser onto an object of interest; the reflection’s position in the sensor’s field of view allows the scanner to triangulate the point in space at which the laser hits the object.

The diagram above illustrates the terms we use to specify Z-Trak’s performance.

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