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ZEUS Encoders

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Z3 Technology ZEUS Video Encoders – A complete hardware and software solution

Home-ZeusZ3 Technology’s ZEUS family of high performance encoders and decoders delivers up to 4K Ultra HD H.264 video at stunning performance levels. ZEUS offers ultimate flexibilty and performance at a competitive price

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ZEUS Features

  • HEVC and H.264 ENCODING

Each of our ZEUSTM Products offer HEVC (H.265) and H.264 encode and decode in resolutions including: SD, HD and 4K Ultra HD


Easily locate your ZEUSTM product on your network our ZFinder Utility for quick configuration and status updates.


Easily control encode and decode settings with our user-friendly Web Interface. With this, you are able to modify resolutions, I/O’s, frame rates, and more.


Our ZEUSTM family of encodes and decoders provides a solution for every budget.

  • I/O Combinations

Each of our ZEUS™ encoders and decoders offers High Profile H.264 video in broadcast quality resolutions.

  • RTMP/RTSP Support

RTMP and RTSP offer real-time, low bandwidth encoding and decoding options for streaming over IP.

  • Resolutions

Broadcast Quality SD, HD and Ultra HD resolutions. Single and multi-channel options are available.

  • HTTP-Based GUI

Easily control encode and decode settings with our user-friendly HTTP-Based Interface. Quickly modify resolutions, I/O’s, frame rates and more.

  • Size Options

From ultra-compact and easily transportable to rack-mount systems, our line of video encoders offers a solution for your needs.

  • Low Power

Our encoders and decoders are designed to maintain low power consumption with options as low as 3W.Decode-Options(1)

  • Cloud Streaming

Stream from your internet connection via any SD, HD or UHD video source. ZEUS™ products are ideal for web-based streaming servers.



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ZEUS Applications

The ZEUS product line of video encoders and decoders is among the top-rated in the industry. These broadcast quality, out-of-the-box systems have been utilized in world-wide applications.

stand up transmission with serious smiling journalist woman in front of the video camera

Broadcast Encoding

Electronic News Gathering (ENG)

Live Broadcasting

Sporting Events

Emergency Reporting

Information Backhaul

Station Collaboration

 two security guards watching video monitoring surveillance security system

Security and Surveillance

Governement Offices and Facilities

Schools and Universities

Traffic Cameras

Industrial Plants

MINSK, BELARUS - JULY 6: Global Gathering Festival crowd at Boro

IP Streaming

Sporting Events

News Broadcasts

Conferences and Expos


Yonge and Dundas square

Digital Signage

Free-Standing Digital Kiosks

Digital Billboards

Video Walls

Digital Menus

Audience at the conference hall.

Education Technologies

Distance Learning

Faculty-to-Faculty Interactions

Research Collaborations

Seminar and Classroom Recording

Business People In Video Conference At Table

Corporate Environments

Training and Procedure Videos

Video Conferencing

Events and Conferences


Having trouble finding a product for your application? Uniforce specializes in assisting customers find a solution that meets their needs and requirements.

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Z3Cam-4KDeveloped with the user in mind, Z3’s Camera Solutions bring you the latest video compression technology to solve the dilemma of high quality video requiring too much bandwidth. Never before has integrating H.265 video in resolutions up to 4K been so simple and cost-effective.

Teaming Sony’s proven camera technology with the H.265 video compression expertise from Z3 Technology, the Z3Cam product line provides the highest quality image at the lowest bandwidth, latency and power. These robust systems bring clarity and detail to high movement and low light conditions featuring unbeatable optical zoom with integrated auto focus, high sensitivity image processors and more.

Video with this clarity is a perfect fit for UAV and drone applications, inspection, remote monitoring, security and surveillance, video conferencing and more. Upgrade to H.265 and expand your reach with Z3’s Camera Solutions.

Z3Cam Models

Model Description Interfaces
Z3Cam-4K 4K H.265 IP Camera Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0, Microphone Input and Composite Output
Z3Cam-HD HD H.265 IP Camera Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0, Micro-HDMI Output, Audio Input and Composite Output

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ZEUS Encoder Models

Product Family Name Part Number Description
ZEUS DME-01 HD IP and ASI Video Encoder or Decoder
ZEUS DME-02 2x HD IP and ASI Video Encoder or Decoder
ZEUS DME-04 Compact IP Full HD Video Encoder
ZEUS DME-05 Compact H.264 HD Video Encoder
ZEUS DME-10 Compact H.265 Full HD IP Video Encoder
ZEUS HE4K-01 4K Ultra HD Video Encoder
ZEUS HE265-DEC 4K H.265 Ultra HD Video Decoder
ZEUS HE4K-R4 1RU Four Independent 4K Encoders or Decoders
ZEUS MVE-150 1RU HD Broadcast Video Encoder or Decoder
ZEUS MVE-20 1RU Two Independent HD Video Encoders or Decoders
ZEUS MVE-250 1RU Two Channel HD Broadcast Video Encoder or Decoder
ZEUS MVE-40 1RU Four Channel HD-SDI Video Encoder
ZEUS MVPR-02 HDMI IP Video Encoder
ZEUS MVPR-20 Dual Channel HDMI IP Video Encoder
ZEUS SME-01 Ultra-Compact Full HD Encoder or Decoder

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